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Music of The Beggar by Jack de Quidt

After releasing The Beggar, I was floored by a piece of mail I received from a talented musician and avid game player named Jack de Quidt. Jack was inspired enough by the game to author some alternate music, and I think it's fantastic.

When I put the original music together for The Beggar, I made a decision to keep the first half of the game devoid of music, so as to offer a contrast to the up-beat music that emanates from the castle area (representative of the difference in wealth core to the game's theme). While I am happy with the current implementation given my limited musical background, Jack's version shows what is possible when you let a trained ear interpret a mood. If you have any need for original music in your indie project, I would highly recommend contacting Jack at or on twitter at!

For your listening pleasure, I have made Jack's version, as well as the "Castle Theme" that can be found in the game, available for download:

Download: Jack De Quidt - "The Beggar"

Download: Scott Brodie - "Castle Theme"